Metal Clip Seal

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Metal Clip Seal

Metal Clip Seal - Description

This metal clip seal is manufactured in a way that makes it highly tamper evident. If the seal is opened, it will break, and cannot be re-sealed.

The seal is also very useful where several openings next to each other must be sealed. The wire can be cut to any required length and can be run through a series of openings before sealing with a single Clip Seal.

To effectively secure the seal, ensure the wire is twisted at least twice or tied in a simple knot prior to locking the Clip Seal.

Typical applications of the Metal Clip seal includes : coin boxes e.g. in the telecommunication industry, mail sacks, cement bags, drum closures, utility meters, small fastenings in general.

Be assured of better security with our innovative use of materials and industrial design.

Metal Clip Seal - Features

1. The Metal Clip Seal is designed with several breaking points. If the seal is tampered with and opened, the breaking point is broken and the seal cannot be applied again.

2. The seal can be supplied with or without wire. Wires are supplied in customized lengths or in rolls.

3. All  Metal  Clip  Seals  can  be  embossed  with customized marking e.g. logo and serial numbers.

4. The  seal  is  easily  applied  without  the  use  of  any tools. A cutter is required to remove the seal.

5. The Metal Clip seal can be utilized with a variety of wire materials depending on the application. Full metal or a combination of nylon and metal is most commonly used.