Dragon Seal WP 40R

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Dragon Seal WP 40R

Dragon Seal WP 40R - Description

Strong Indicative Security Seal with Metal Locking

Dragon Seal WP 40R - Features

1. Etched with permanent laser marking. Laser marking offers the highest possible security because it cannot be removed and replaced without showing clear signs of tampering.

2. Ultrasonic welding that is used to fasten components of the locking mechanism to the body, ensures a permanent bond that cannot be cut or forced open, without leaving clear signs of tampering.

3. The combination of the ribbed seal strap and the metal clip locking mechanism is what provides the superior locking and very high tensile strength.

4. The ribbed pattern of the locking body and the seal cap serve as tamper indicative features, and will proivde signs of tampering if tampered with.