Dragon Seal

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Dragon Seal

Dragon Seal - Description

The Dragon Seal is one of the most practical bag seal for high-security applications with its unique, easy-to-apply metal locking device, large flap area and an option of a tear off mechanism. 

Typical applications include any kind of sack or bags designed for high-value transportation. Widely used for airline cargo, bank and postal services roll-cages, clinical waste management, courier services, cash-in-transit, warehouses, tote-boxes and other applications requiring a high pull strength.

Be assured of better security with our innovative use of materials and industrial design.

Dragon Seal - Features

1. The Dragon Seal are etched with permanent laser marking for name, logo, sequential numbers & barcode. Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed and replaced.

2. The large flap area allows ample space for added information and ease of identification.

3. The Dragon Seal has a unique stainless steel locking plate that strengthens the locking chamber and is highly tamper evident.

4. The Dragon Seal has an option of a tear off (TO) and a non-tear off (NT) version. The tear off mechanism enables the seal to be removed easily by the user.

5. The Dragon Seal is a long, strong and durable seal designed specifically to secure bags and sacks, with embedded spikes to provide a better strapping grip.