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Orbit - Description

The orbit seal is a highly secure strap seal due to its all metal locking mechanism. A female lock is housed in the locking chamber at one end of the strip while a male lock is located on the other end of the strip, inter-mitted with the locking mechanism.

Typical applications of the Orbit seal include: Customs, Airlines, Shipping, Railways, Trailers, Trucks & Tankers, Baggage & Cargo Control, Warehousing, Oil Refineries etc.

Be assured of better security with our innovative use of materials and industrial design.

Orbit - Features

1. Reverse metal locking mechanism cannot be disengaged by intrusion or manipulation.

2. Disassembly is impossible without leaving obvious traces of tampering.

3. All identity markings and numbers are embossed and cannot be altered.

4. Seals are customized and cannot be replicated or substituted. Security features resist illegal manipulation, substitution and replication. In addition, there is also unique traceability of each manufactured unit.

5. Strong and durable metal strap that can withstand the harsh handling and climatic elements in a long-haul shipment.