Cable Plus II

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Cable Plus II

Cable Plus II - Description

The Cable Plus II seals are very user-friendly and highly tamper evident. They are available with different cable diameters to secure various applications for a range of security requirements.

The seals are secured as soon as the wire is clicked into place with the locking mechanism.

Cable  Plus II seals are widely used on trucks, tanker trucks,air cargo containers, shipping containers, rail cars, calibrators and valves.

Be assured of better security with our innovative use of materials and industrial design.

Cable Plus II - Features

1. Moulded with a high-impact ABS material with a galvanized steel wire rope. The high-resilient ABS material does not break easily but will clearly show evidence of tampering.

2. One end of the cable is permanently secured into the locking body. The other end is fastened with a click lock mechanism that provides fast and easy sealing.

3. The Cable Plus II is etched with permanent laser marking for name, logo, sequential numbers & barcode. Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced.