Tamper Evident Bag - ICAO (Duty Free)

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Tamper Evident Bag - ICAO (Duty Free)

Tamper Evident Bag - ICAO (Duty Free) - Description

ICAO Regulations require strict compliance as follows :

Tamper Evident Bags : Liquids, gel and paste products brought by passenger from airport retail stores located after police and immigration points before the security restricted area of the airport should be sealed at the point of sale in a transparent, plastic ‘tamper evident’ bag. These bags should be made to the same specifications as used in the EU.

Transfer Passengers : Regulations should recognize the security of ‘tamper evident’ bags on the same day of travel for
a. domestic transfer passenger,
b. same-day return passengers,
c. out-bound passengers transferring at their next airport arrival, and
d. in-bound transfer passengers arriving from other countries in which the country has a mutual recognition agreement on airport and duty-free supply chain security. Such passengers should be allowed to pass through security screening points with liquids in containers over 100ml provided the ‘tamper evident’ bag remains sealed.

Tamper Evident Bag - ICAO (Duty Free) - Features

1.Duty Free Temper Evident bags  conform to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regulations to enhance airport and duty-free

2.Internal Transparent Pocket to display receipt as proof of purchase at airport duty free shops, or on board aircraft.

3.Hidden markings are revealed when the security tape is tampered with.

4.TE Bags are made of transparent Co-ex film which is resistant to oil, water and rough handling, and is 100% recyclable.

5.Printing to edges prevents cutting and re-sealing of the sides.

6.Proprietary wide welding to prevent side cutting and  re-sealing.

7.Corresponding serial numbers, state code, manufacturer code by ICAO and product code are printed on the bag.

8.Multiple warning message printed in the front and back.