MOST Real-Time Cargo Monitor

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MOST Real-Time Cargo Monitor

MOST Real-Time Cargo Monitor - Description

From departure to arrival, MOST provides you with real-time updates on all the external influences affecting your cargo. With accurate data, easily accessed and evaluated with our user-friendly and web-based interface, you will be able to reduce the risk of damage and optimise all future transport. All for the benefit of your efficiency, your profitability and the global environment.

  • One-touch activation
  • 100-day battery life
  • Reusable & rechargeable
  • 4 digital sensors: temperature, light, humidity, shock
  • Location updates via GSM network
  • Pre-calibrated for superior, laboratory-tested accuracy
  • Strength of MOST antenna allows monitoring of any environment
  • Continuously uploads all data via GSM network

MOST Real-Time Cargo Monitor - Features