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Press Release ISO 17712:2013

January 2014

Interruption of the global supply chain is likely to happen without ISO17712:2013 compliant High Security Seals

May 15, 2014 is the cut-off date for all High Security Seals to be compliant with the new requirements of ISO17712:2013 – the international standard for mechanical seals.

For seals to be compliant they must be categorized and marked “H” as High Security Seals when undergoing mechanical testing by an independent ISO17025 accredited laboratory (Clause 5) and the manufacturer must be certified to both ISO9001 and ISO17712: Annex A. That is “business as usual”.

The new requirement for High Security Seals is that they must also be compliant with Clause 6: Evidence of Tampering. Clause 6 requires the manufacturer to have a documented and audited process and test specification in place in its quality manual for all High Security Seals in its product range. Clause 6 is a valuable addition to the seal standard emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement of tamper resistance and tamper indicating features on security seals.

All users of ISO17712 High Security Seals / C-TPAT compliant seals, should ask their seal supplier for the necessary documentation proving the seals will still be compliant after the May 15 dead-line. Given the industry’s common lead-times of 6 – 16 weeks the dead-line is fast approaching.

More information about the new requirements for High Security Seals like bolt seals and cable seals is available at  or call +1 732 230 1215.

About Mega Fortris: 

Mega Fortris is a global manufacturer and supplier of tamper evident security solutions and the second largest security seal manufacturer in the world.

Mega Fortris has a full range of ISO17712:2013 compliant High Security Seals including the following bolts seals: Klicker, FlexiKlick, Container Bolt Lock, Mega Container Seal, Mega Bolt Lock and Mega Rail Bolt. These cable seals: Carrier Cable Seal, Cable Lock MCL350 and Cable Lock MCL500 as well as two double lock seal solutions: Mega Lock and Mega Flexi Lock. 

Independent laboratory test certificates for Clause 5 and compliance letters for Clause 6: Evidence of Tampering are available at  Any questions can also be directed to our North American headquarters at +1-732-230-1215.

Look to Mega Fortris for innovation and documented compliance in Securing the Global Supply Chain.