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Micro Tag Technology - A Game Changer


Micro Tag Technology has existed for some time, but Mega Fortris is the first security seal manufacturer to integrate this unique technology into our full range of tamper evident security solutions.

The organized cargo crime community is not going to be pleased with this new technology, as it provides the global supply chain with a cost efficient method of verifying the authenticity of security seals being applied to transiting containers and trailers around the globe.

In other words, the Micro Tag Technology will mitigate the risks associated with deliberate cloning and copying of security seals, security labels and tamper evident security bags.

Please take a minute to review the below introduction to Micro Tag Technology, and feel free to contact Mega Fortris, and learn more about how Mega Fortris can help you upgrade your supply chain security.

Mega Fortris: 732-230-3015

Micro Tag Introduction958.13 KB