Innovation Case Studies

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Innovation Case Studies

It is impossible to summarize Mega Fortris in one word, but if we had to choose one word to describe what drives our company towards success, that word would be ‘Innovation’.

Product quality, precise lead times, good customer service and cost competitive pricing are ALL important parameters, but what makes Mega Fortris truly different, is our uncompromising and unwavering focus on developing unique security seal designs that add value.

Below are a few examples of traditional security seal products that have been re-invented into stronger and better versions by Mega Fortris’ R&D Team.



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Traditional metal truck seals have existed for almost a century, and have seen few design changes in years past

The Domino SP product range from Mega Fortris is the modern alternative to traditional metal truck seals, featuring:

  • Transparent window for tamper detection (optional)
  • Color coding options
  • Tamper safe locking mechanism
  • Permanent marking by laser technology
  • Laser engraved bar code and logo marking
  • Superior strength locking mechanism



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Traditional flexible bolt seals have existed for close to 40 years, and have seen very few improvements in recent years.


Click here to view our Flexible bolt seal comparison

The Flexiklick product from Mega Fortris is the modern alternative to traditional flexible bolt seals, featuring:

  • Seal number marking on both pin and cylinder
  • Cylinder and bolt are connected by plastic tab (ease of use and internal distribution)
  • Longer operational  length of pin
  • Protruding tamper detection tabs on cylinder
  • Anti-Spin tamper detection feature



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Traditional pull to tighten plastic seals are used by the millions. The locking mechanisms of these types of seals are - to a large degree - almost identical, and offer little or no pre-tamper detection.

The Triple Tight SPM is the 3rd generation of the Triple Tight product series.This seal is a very tamper deterrent security seal, and offers a number of unique features:

  • Tamper detection window
  • Triple fish bone locking mechanism with metal inserted locking clip
  • The “tightest” locking of ANY plastic pull-to-tighten products available today
  • Available in 5”, 8” and 10”


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Traditional plastic truck seals designs offer very little, if any,  real tamper detection features, and as such offer little security value to the supply chain.

The Simulock from Mega Fortris offers tamper detection features unmatched by any other plastic truck seal available today.

The unique tamper detection window provides very clear proof of pre- and post- tampering attacks. This matters!

Considering that more than 70% of seal tampering takes place at the point of loading, using the Simulock in your supply chain, will act as a tamper deterrent, simply because tamper attempts are so easy to discover.

Simulock adds value.