Mini Tight Seal

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Mini Tight Seal

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Mini Tight Seal - Description

The Mini Tight Seal is versatile and a positive fit for many tagging and quick-locking requirements, making it an effective tagging seal for transporters, retailers and many more.

The seal’s thin and flexible strap is perfect for light security applications such as the tagging of clothes, plants, fire extinguishers and cable-tie replacements.

Mini Tight Seal - Features

1.The Mini Tight Seal is laser engraved with permanent laser marking. Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed and replaced without evidence.

2. The seal can be removed without a tool. It breaks off when twisted by hand.

3. The slim tail makes this seal easy to apply on various small applications.

4. The enlarged ring on the end of the tail prevents reverse locking.  

TitleQuantityColorSell priceAdd to cart
Mini Tight 7" 1000 pieces $90 per 1000 pieces
Price: $90.00
Mini Tight 7" 3000 pieces $85 per 1000 pieces
Price: $255.00
Mini Tight 7" 5000 pieces $80 per 1000 pieces
Price: $400.00