Mini Cable Lock Premium

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Mini Cable Lock Premium

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Mini Cable Lock Premium - Description

Very user-friendly and highly tamper-evident and tamper resistant. The Mini Cable Lock Premium seal (MCLP) can be applied to secure a wide range of applications requiring a small but strong seal.

The Mini Cable Lock Premium is one of Mega Fortris’ bestselling semi-barrier security seals. It is widely used on trucks, tanker trucks, air cargo containers, shipping containers, rail cars, calibrators, drums, totes, cages and valves in various industries.

Mini Cable Lock Premium - Features

1. The zinc body is molded with high-impact ABS material and filled with a galvanized steel wire. The resilient high-impact ABS material does not break easily and shows clear evidence of tampering.

2. The protruding lip feature made of zinc cast at the entry and exit hole of the seal’s locking house provides good protection against pinching and other types of tampering.

3. One end of the 7- strand non-preformed cable is permanently secured into the locking body. The cable ravels when out to prevent reinsertion.

4. The Mini Cable Lock Premium is laser engraved with permanent laser marking of names, logos, sequential numbers and bar codes. Laser marking is permanent and tamper resistance.

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MCLP180 14" 500 pieces $0.75 per piece
Price: $375.00
MCLP180 14" 1000 pieces $0.70 per piece
Price: $700.00
MCLP180 14" 2500 pieces $0.65 per piece
Price: $1,625.00