Fort - CBS

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Fort - CBS

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Fort - CBS - Description

The Fort-CBS is a strong and durable indicative seal that has been designed for the transportation of high value goods and cash-in-transit. 

Its versatility and tamper evident features also make it suitable for use with other applications such as, postal services, airline cargo, warehouses, oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The Fort CBS can only be removed with scissors or similar tools.

Fort - CBS - Features

1. The Fort CBS is a strong and durable seal designed for greater strength and longer length requirements. The large flap area allows for ample marking space.

2. The locking ribs on both sides and in the middle of the thick strap provide better tamper resistance.

3. The Fort CBS is laser engraved with permanent laser marking for name, logo, sequential number and bar codes. Laser marking provides the highest level of tamper evidence as it cannot be removed an replaced without evidence.

4. The embedded spikes at the back of the seal provide a good grip on bags and sacks.

5. The ribs at the tail end and along the locking strap provide a good grip when securing the seal.

6. Heat staking is used to permanently fix the cap to the polypropylene seal. Heat staked parts cannot be cut or forced open without leaving clear tamper evidence.

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FORT CBS 12" 1000 pieces $175 per 1000 pieces
Price: $175.00
FORT CBS 12" 3000 pieces $170 per 1000 pieces
Price: $510.00
FORT CBS 12" 5000 pieces $155 per 1000 pieces
Price: $775.00